Today Is…

…the last day of Christmas vacation.  Interestingly, I am both sad and overjoyed. 

In other news, I have put a onesie onto my little dog to keep him from chewing himself to a bloody pulp.  Also, the cold weather is absolute hell on my older dog and he is currently hobbling around in pitiful shape, on anti-inflammatories, and generally getting everything he wants, including the summer sausage which was intended for my dh.  (And my poor dh has worked the better part of 70 of the last 96 hours.)

Here’s hoping your week starts off better than mine has ended.    

5 Responses to “Today Is…”

  1. Jen Says:

    Oh, Rhonda, sorry your pups are having a hard time of it.

    Girl goes back to school today so I spent the last day of Christmas break in a sulk because DH and Girl were parked in front of the t.v. while I packed away Christmas and schlepped it to the storage unit, blew leaves off the driveway and decks, and raked the front yard — without any help. I did overhear the DH say to Girl, “I wish I had a tenth of your mother’s energy.” It made me want to kill him. It’s not energy. It’s necessity. None of it happens on its own.

    Wow,looks like I showed up two days early for whine day!

  2. Ginger Says:

    Sorry about your dogs. And your hubby, wow, what a work schedule! As for me, if I didn’t have this rash, again, I would be….. . I feel like Jen now, my whine 2 days early… .

  3. Lynn Raye Harris Says:

    Hugs, everyone!

    Jen, no kidding. It HAS to get done, doesn’t it? And if we wait for help, or for someone else to decide to do it, it’ll never happen.

    Hubby told me a story about his coworker. Coworker’s wife went on strike, refused to do dishes or laundry for a month. To teach the kids a lesson. Guess what happened? At the end of a month, coworker and wife cleaned up the mess because the kids didn’t care. Yeah, the kids learned a lesson, didn’t they?

  4. Fedora Says:

    Oh! Hugs, Rhonda! And big hugs, Jen!! And hugs to you, too, Ginger! And you, too, Lynn, just for that story–yipes!!

  5. Kimberly Says:

    Poor pups! It should be a little warmer today…