A snippet of conversation between myself and my husband this morning:

“Did you know that Harper Lee makes an annual appearance in Tuscaloosa every year?” I ask my dh.

Him, baffled.  “What’s a Harper Lee?”

I love To Kill A Mockingbird so much I would have named our next son Atticus had we had one…and he has to ask me this????


5 Responses to “Argh!!!”

  1. Kimberly Says:

    Oooh, when? I’ll go with you.

    She’s very reclusive, you know.

  2. Jen Says:

    Sorry, Kimberly, she only meets with/speaks to the high school students who have won an essay contest (heard a piece on NPR the other day about this).

    Rhonda, I think it’s a good thing y’all quit reproducing when you did.

  3. Rhonda Says:

    Kimberly, I know. I would love, love, love to meet her.

    Jen, we have a 3 bedroom house and 2 kids. It was time to stop. My dh is more math minded, thank God, because I am absolutely terrible at it.

  4. Marilyn Says:

    Who can’t know about Harper Lee? I’m not even from Alabama and I know who Harper Lee is. Those essay contest winners better know how lucky they are to meet her.

    Hope the new computer install is going well. I know how much trouble it is — reinstalling programs, configuring things just the way you want, loading back in all the files you need.

    I’ll need a new computer next year (actually need a new one now, but it’ll have to wait another year). I should probably start dumping stuff to CD’s now just to get started. Should probably dump a lot of stuff period.

  5. Ginger Says:

    Poor DH, I didn’t have to read her book in school but last year I read it with my son (because he had to read it). Jury duty is going okay, got picked yesterday but struck. I’m glad about that because the case was a domestic abuse that struck too close to home. Have a good Tuesday.