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Whine About it Wednesday!

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

My husband came home from work a couple of days ago and mentioned that he was more than likely going to start a new schedule.  Instead of working half a day on Saturday, then going back for a few hours Saturday night, he was going to work a full day, then have Sunday and Monday off.

Since he’s never had two full days off, on the surface this would seem like a good thing, right?  As it stands Saturday is pretty much shot, anyway.  Plus he’d have Monday off as well.  He could schedule check-ups and dental appts without having to take off.  It would be great for him.

But it’s the Monday that’s bugging me, and I’m being purely selfish here, I know.  No doubt I will win the Bad Wife Award for what I’m about to share, but…

I can’t work when he’s here!

He’ll have the TV on.  He’ll be loud.  He’ll need me to find things for him.  He’ll want more than the peanut butter and jelly sandwich I normally fix for myself for lunch.  In short, he’ll need attention.